What do I do?

I specialize in conservation, nature, and underwater photography, along with expertise in product and stock photography. Additionally, I hold professional accreditation from the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) and possess skills as a webmaster, graphic designer, online marketer, and content and article writer. Furthermore, I contribute as a life skills teacher and coach within youth development programs.

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About my Underwater Photography

I started taking pictures in my early teens and have been in love with this art ever since. My main interests are wildlife photography, nature conservation, and marine biology.  Life tends to take you on a journey with all sorts of unexpected twists and turns, but I very happily ended up living in Gordon’s Bay, Cape Town. It’s here that my passion for the ocean and diving blossomed.

 My very first time taking pictures underwater with a waterproof disposable Kodak camera.
Durban, KZN 19 June 2012


Creating connection. Connecting people with the ocean. The biggest thing that I would like to achieve with my photography is to show people the wonders of nature and the ocean and in so doing, promote conservation. Conveying my love and passion, in the hope that at least some of it rubs off on others. We protect what we love, and the ocean desperately needs just that.


Photography is a way to express myself artistically. Being able to share this with others is very rewarding. I count myself incredibly lucky to see and experience the wonderful things the underwater world offers us, which many people never get to see.


Freediving with whale sharks in Mafia Island, Tanzania.

If we are open and aware, nature lends us glimpses of connection, moments that truly imprint on our souls. Like a visit from a shark in murky water appearing and disappearing in a few moments like a shadow passing by, an octopus trustingly reaching out to touch you, floating weightlessly next to a huge whale shark, or even a friendly fish inquisitively checking you out and coming very close. By respecting their world I do my best to become part of it, like a spectator going unnoticed not imposing on my surroundings, but rather, actively observing. That is what I like to capture. This is what I want for my photography, connecting people to the ocean and nature, igniting a spark in them.

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We protect what we love, be part of the movement!

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